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Q1: Why Don't You Set Specific Appointments?

A: We like to give you all the time you deserve to diagnose the problem with your appliance properly. In order to do this, we must give you a window because we don't know how long the appointment before yours will take. We hate to give you a specific time and then not be able to honor our commitment.

Q2: What about nighttime or weekend service?

A: Most of our technicians are family people and like to spend evenings and weekends with their families. These highly trained technicians work hard during normal business hours and do not want to make a mistake because they are tired. We do offer appointments after 5:00 PM to accommodate our customers who are unable to leave work early. 
Our technicians work Monday - Saturday, and are off on Sunday.  We do however answer the phone on Sunday. 

Q3: Does it pay to fix the old machine or should we just purchase a new one?

A: This is a very good question, and is asked quite often. Unfortunately the answer is not clear cut. If your appliance is several years old, chances are it was made better than most of the new ones available (including major brands). In most cases, since you know it has been a good appliance, it pays to fix it; especially if a new appliance costs considerably more than a repair.Additionally, many times there are reasons why your appliance stopped working and our trained technicians can point these things out so that repairs will be required less frequently.

Q4: Can you provide us with an estimate (ball park figure) for the repair over the phone?

A: Unfortunately No.  There can be up to a dozen different reasons why the symptoms occur. Without being able to diagnose the appliance, using our knowledge, experience and test equipment, all we can do is guess. Many companies will quote an approximate price over the phone (usually low enough to attract your attention) and when their people arrive you find out that the repair is more than you were quoted over the phone, based on what they find, and you are still responsible for the service charge.

At Appliance Repair of North Texas, we charge you a flat service call fee to come out and diagnose your appliance. If you have us repair the item we waive the service call fee and only charge you for the repair cost.

Q5: Why doesn't anybody want to repair our appliance because we bought the parts ourselves?

A: Not very often, but often enough, a part is delivered (either to you or us) and although brand-new, it is defective. If we supply the part (which is approximately the same amount of money as you would pay) if it doesn't work we are responsible for replacing that part with one that does work. If we install your part, we have done our job and if it doesn't work we still require payment.

Q6: Why have we been told that repair companies will not work on our appliance if we started taking it apart ourselves?

A: That is a fair question, and the reason seems to escape most people. If you dismantle anything on your appliance and then find that you need professional help, we would have to put the appliance back together in order to diagnose the exact symptoms properly. Even if you put your own appliance back together, the technician has no road map in his mind of just how the appliance was put back together, and you could have done it incorrectly. This leads to a large amount of time to second-guess what is causing the problem and a larger bill for our customers because we end up doing twice the work.

Q7: What if the appliance breaks down or doesn't work properly after you repair it?

A: Before our technicians leave your premises, they will attempt to go over all functions of the appliance to have you make sure that it is working properly. Even by doing that, occasionally the appliance will cease to work again. Rest assured that we will make our return visit to you a top priority and you will receive service before the next customers.


Q8: Your technician was only here a short period of time or he only used a small part. Why was I charged so much?

A: A repair to your appliance is calculated using the technicians knowledge and experience and (in most cases) immediate access to parts. Additionally, most requests for service are attended to the same day or the very next day.
When a technician works on your appliance he gives you a price before starting the work. You will never be asked to pay any more than the service call fee until you have authorized us to complete the repair for you. You are in charge.

B: In some cases the service call fee may be higher because of the degree of difficulty in getting access to the appliance and the parts. For example; having a stacked washer and dryer and one has to be taken off the other to get access to work on it.
You will always be notified of any additional service call fees prior to any work being done. That way if you don't want to pay the extra fee you can arrange to move food out of the refrigerator or un-stack a washer / dryer or defrost a refrigerator overnight and remove all the food yourself to save money.

Another example would be a refrigerator that is stuffed with food and shelves that we have to remove all the contents to access parts inside the refrigerator to test them, or if we need to spend an hour defrosting the refrigerator manually to be able to access parts for testing.

Q9: What if I leave a check for the technicians and my minor children are home to let them in?

A: Before we start any repair our technicians must obtain approval from the responsible party. Additionally, in today's world, our technicians are not permitted to enter a home with only minor children in attendance. An adult must be present.

Q10: What if you repair the apparent problem and then find additional problems that were not apparent?

A: In very few instances there is a secondary problem that cannot be detected until the primary problem is fixed. An example would be if a refrigerator/freezer is not cooling at all and after repair it cools perfectly but the icemaker doesn't  work. In these cases the secondary repair will be done for the price of the parts only or if a difficult additional repair is necessary it will be done at a nominal charge.

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We Are Sorry But We Cannot Provide Quotes Over The Phone*


Often times when someone calls in, they want a "ball park" price for the repair.  As a consumer myself, I understand their reason for asking.  I give you my word, that I will answer your questions honestly and have your best interest at heart.  I am not able to provide "ball park" prices, but often times I can advise you on whether or not in my opinion the appliance is worth repairing.  I realize appliances have no concept of time or situations, they often break at the worst possible times.  Appliance Repair is often not budgeted for, and can be expensive.  We offer our customers the option of weighing out their options.  We offer a 30 day price guarantee.  This for you means; Our technicians will diagnose your appliance, provide you a quote to repair.  If you DO NOT have us repair your appliance on that first visit, you would pay the SERVICE CHARGE / TRIP FEE.  If you call us back within 30 daysof the date on your Invoice, we will come back out, repair the appliance, DEDUCT the $125.00 you've already spent, and you pay the difference on the "Quoted" price.  

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